Womens Wear Collection 2011-2012 By Rinascimento

 The Renaissance woman is always aware of her femininity. Dynamic, cheerful, spirited and pleasantly at the center of attention: think of her when choosing fabrics and colors giving more value to detail. And 'the woman we love her.A completely Italian phenomenon, the result of intelligence, commitment and international culture in the fashion business.A brand dedicated to those with a passion for beautiful things, made ​​with care, made ​​with love.More opportunity for those who believe in the Made in Italy.The beginning of the dream
It all began on the notes of rock'n'roll in those legendary '60s when everything seemed possible.
And dreams were there, at hand, for those who had the strength to achieve them.
Riviera In the first invasion of German and British tourists, a new desire to live and have fun, but also a lot of energy, the desire to change, to take.Vittorio Tadei, founder of Teddy SpA, is the date with destiny: the profession of accountant leaves and goes to Riccione, in his sister's clothe. 

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