Designer Salwar Kameez 2012 | Mid Winter Part 2 collection By ReDFYNE

ReDFYNEis a part of  UNICON GROUP and it is an organization of collective ideas & services which forms one team sharing a common idea with focused direction: to build a company that offers a new vision of Pakistan as a quality exporter in the competitive export market.
To some, fashion is an art-form and to others it is almost a religion. At Unicon, it is a continuing passion to create quality clothing for women. Our fabrics are advertently romantic, as our motifs simulate the greatest human emotion: love. It is love that persuades a woman to flaunt herself in attractive outfits.
Unicon group is successfully engaged in supplying buyers all over the world, especially the United States and Europe. Our passion for excellence, nurtured for nearly three decades has now evolved to ReDFYNE women’s clothing that highlights the contours of the female form with supple embroidery. Our pattern designs and the choice of materials make the fabric glide over the skin, emboldening romantic intuition. This uncomplicated union between classic contrasts and contemporary ideas has led to a new line of haute couture that is chic and refreshing.

 ReDFYNE is to provide seasonal and occasional variety to our customers. For us, quality of product and customer satisfaction is at priority. We see the broader challenge and opportunity to increase our share of international business as the world moves toward globalization. We go beyond the industry standard to give our customers an exceptional experience. We are committed to provide quality products and services that set industry benchmarks. We aim to invest in future focusing on the customer’s needs and intense competition in the international & local markets.source

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