Exclusive Couture Bridal collection 2012 By Shamaeel Ansari

Shamaeel Ansari is The Czarina of style and a true blue universal designer, Shamaeel, has to her credit 24 years of work in the fashion's eclectic industry. With grit and chic she not only established her brand but reigned supreme like the quintessential Prima Donna of couture. After a brief hiatus from the arc lights when she took timeout to enhance her skills in International sourcing and distribution, Shamaeel ma...kes a grand comeback to take a bow centre stage, in Pakistan. Shamaeel's style which is laced with magnificence and grandeur is a natural fallback to her background. While her couture is luxuriant and distinctly bordering on the regal, her new prêt is a cluster of price sensitive high fashion that leave a unique stamp of ingenuity on a melange of fabrics . Her earlier flamboyance is now replaced with an elegant mellowness, gently embued with a sense of magic and mystery. Jewel tone jackets, richly worked monochromatic long coats, glam slam pants,elegantly cut shifts with constellations of threads, applique, sequins, colour,and prints all follow a mood board of their own. But a delicate femininity binds them in cohesive collections.Source

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