Leisure Club Hand painted Valentine T-shirts for Girls & Boys | Lo♥e is in the Air TShirts

Valentine’s Day special T shirts are exclusively hand painted by NCA students,Leisure Clubpresented lovely art work on exclusive Valentine’s Day T shirts craftily created by our friends from NCA, whose names are:
1. Salmoom John Daniel
2. Tehniyat Javaid
3. Aaiza Khan
4. Aqsa Khan
5. Sameen Agha
6. Neha Tariq
7. Abdullah

Almost 15 years on, Leisure club still upholds its core values, inherited from Sefam Pvt. Ltd, with unparalleled excellence. Thanks to people like you, Leisure Club today is the largest clothing brand in Pakistan for adults, tweens (pre-teens), & kids, boasting 57 stores across the country.source 

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