Shubinak Chitrali Collection 2012 | Shubinak Fall/Winter Collection 2012-13

Shubinak is a Chitralian Brand,Chitral is a part of Pakistan situated in Lahore.Shubinak launched in 2005.“Shubinak” is also the name of a brand and a social enterpr...ise system specially created with the aim of introducing an array of products and services.Shubinak has created a sustainable supply chain so that artisans of Chitral can earn a continuous income by receiving work all year round. Simultaneously, the ancient skills of handloom weaving, hand embroidery, hand-knitting and crochet, natural dyeing, organic agriculture,
honey cultivation and all other indigenous craft production; which were under the threat of distinction in Chitral,Shubinak is unique because Chitrali artisans are shareholders of the company and not only receive fair wages for their contributions but will receive a percentage of the profits as well. As the sale of Shubinak products is initiated, royalties from these sales will go to the cooperative society which is being constructed especially for those artisans who are currently part of Shubinak or will be.source

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