Eid Hairstyles and tips 2012

The Holy Festival of Eid-ul-Fitre is Coming and every girl want to look beautiful and stylish,Girls specially design dresses,Buy matching accessories,Select new makeup and also want to choose best hairstyles for this occasion.But if your hairs are not healthy then it damage the beauty of hairstyle and hairs look like birds nest.If you really want to look charming then you should keep these tips in your mind.
1- Choose a hairstyle that is easy and suits to your personality.
2- Hairstyle should be for your hairs length and Try this before eid day.
3- Hairstyle should be comfortable and you should made by yourself because you never find parlors open on eid day .Here is a hair style which is easy and comfortable for eid day. Here are some Tips for Healthy Hairs.Don;'t waste money  to get branded shampoo and conditioners .Get healthy diet and try hair mask at least once in a month  with Egg,Oil,Henna,Yogurt  etc.
Balanced diet of Protein,Zinc,Vitamins,Biotin and Fatty Acids ensure you healthy hairs ,Protein repair Split ends Solve growth problem and maintain color.Lack of Zinc occur Hair fall and Shedding,Lack of  Biotin
appears with Weak and Brittle Hairs, Fatty Acids help to prevent dandruff and condition the scalp and hairs.Kidney Beans contains protein ,Zinc and Biotin,Dry Fruits specially Walnuts consists Fatty acids and Zinc. Eat Chicken to get Protein and Iron. add Whole grain,Cereals into you diet plan.

New Party Eid Hairstyles For Girls
Select Best Brush for Your Hairs like plastic bristles and wood combs.Trim Damage end once in a Month,If you like to dye your hairs the select color protective products.Brush Before Shampooing and after taking dinner it will stimulate Blood Circulation into your scalp.Avoid Brushing in wet or damp hair.

When you applying colors on hairs then first do test of any chemical on small part of hairs to avoid side effects. always use color protective products because these products rehydrate and repair what damage has been done.
Deep condition your hairs once in a week its gives strength to hairs.avoid Blue dryers in daily life because the heat of dryers open the cuticle and allow for the ingredients to fully penetrate strands.

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